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Our Logic

BIMMUNITY builds upon the merger of several intertwined concepts and constituents that shape its unique integrated nature


A platform that relies primarily on concepts of “Building Information Modeling & Management”.


A unified platform that incorporates a multitude of concepts, stakeholders, viewpoints, technologies and methods.


A sense of community among its different users that are blended into a unified support system.


A sense of immunity, where cost, energy savings, and asset protection are of the highest interest and value to our clients.



Full 3D navigation and visualization – improved design documentation – live coordination - information take-off.


Relational database structure – geospatial analysis/modeling – scalability – positioning – server integration – integration with various FM tools (CAFM/IWMS/EDMS).

Web based-Application

Real time task management/CRM – variety of interfaces – scalability - flexible access.


Property Management Operation, control, management and oversight of real estate

Asset Management Effective deployment, operation, disposal and control of assets

Maintenance Management Visual management, monitoring and resolution of maintenance work orders

Inventory Management Management and operation of space and equipment inventory

Building CatalogDynamic interface between buildings and guest users

Tenant BillingManagement of property, tenant, owner and lease information

Facility BookingWeb enabled facility reservation and scheduling

Help DeskRecord of events, inquiries and customer satisfaction

Modules & Features


Five interfaces for five users

Property Manager

Income / Expenses / Managing properties / Expectations Models / Tracking Tasks.


Phenomenon whereby something new and somehow.

Facility Manager

Facility Management / Task Management.

Services Provider

Task Management / Monitoring stocks.


Advertising / Booking Facilities / Follow / Asking Questions.